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Artiste Avail™ is an exclusive feature designed to aid production accessibility to entertainment professionals.  Find specific artists in any given area through our precise Art Geo™ proximate feature. Last-minute cast or crew cancellations are a thing of the past. Search for the professional you want, preview their Artiste Avail ™ calendar, and book a user right now.  No advance notice is required. Once an artist accepts, you’ll have one less fire to put out.

Be Seen.  Be Heard.  Be Found. 

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Artiste Avail 

Revolutionary Entertainment

Advance Booking Calendar

The first of its kind in production and entertainment availability. The Artiste Avail ™ calendar allows any entertainment professional to set their availability on a public calendar.  Users need only check the Artiste Avail™ of any user, cast, or crew and send a request to book. Deal memos and other template-to-custom contracts are automatically available through our advance and professional document management system.  Once accepted, the production is free to focus on what matters most, the art.  Watch this feature in action:


Artists can also set public events and invite the community via our JOIN ME feature. Now fans can always be in the know of their favorite artists.

100% of all users are Vetted Professionals. 

Watch this feature action with review real user feedback:

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All the world's a stage

We have revolutionized access to professional artists.  Search via location, artistry, and date.  See whose available right now for your performing arts & entertainment needs right now, tomorrow or next month.

Finding the perfect artist for your perfect act just got easy.

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