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Letter from the

Founder + CEO

Jean-Que M. Dar


I'm excited to report that 2024 will be the defining moment for our Company as our product software is in the Apple and Google play stores and available to anyone in the Los Angeles region, the world's entertainment capital. In addition, we will announce two key partnerships, which include an alliance with one of the world's leading Fortune 100 companies. This alliance affirms our strong position as a rising startup in the tech space. It fortifies our industry standing while validating our mission amongst entertainment veterans, executives, and senior-level officials in the global industry. Our pending patent secures our exclusive right to operate and legally stop others from doing anything remotely similar. All should be proud and commended for the sincere dedication and evident hard work that has surpassed our 2023 Q OKR benchmarks – fantastic, job well done!  Our highlights include the following:

  • Team of 51 empowered and determined people 

  • 6 Full-Functioning Divisions: Administration, Legal, Technology, Data, Partnerships, and R&D 

  • Software available WEB / iOS Store / Google Store

  • Partnership with IMDb + Amazon

  • 10.1 MILLION productions on the tap. software now

  • 11.5 MILLION users' personal records on the tap. now

  • 100% of the Company is owned by the Leadership Team and Pre-Seed Investors

Mission: Connect everyone in entertainment

Today, we are a solid team of fifty-one people. Fifty-one people determined to advance the productivity of the entertainment workforce one connection at a time that directly impacts each of our unique cultures.

Where does culture come from? Why have culture at all? The most straightforward formulation is that culture is the sum total of beliefs and practices distributed among various people groups throughout time. But it is more than just what we believe and do; it is also our whole framework for comprehending the world, making sense, or trying to make sense of life.

Works produced by the entertainment industry attempt to explain us to ourselves. We find commonalities in our laughs and build an empathetic global community through our differences. This is why the entertainment industry is powerful. It is the absolute center of modern culture. Culture is the web of ways we have of both looking at the world and living in the world. It is the collection of our conscious interactions with our world, our neighbors, and ourselves. Individuals from thousands of cultural subgroups make up the entertainment workforce - 107 million people, to be exact. These are our users. In each film, song, project, or production, words turn into masterful depictions of their understanding of life for the world to experience. 

It takes one film or song to start a universal spark. As the world follows, it adapts, transforms cultures, and shifts ideologies. As people around the world engage, and for a brief moment in time, we become a community of one caused by one spark where empathy and love for one another evolve.

At tap., our assignment is clear – connect everyone in entertainment. Our ongoing user case studies consistently conclude that tap. is desperately needed, highly desired, and set to be a game changer. Our job is not to create the sparks. Our job is to empower the people that do with the tools they need to make more sparks designed to advance our cultural shifts together.

2022 Head Logo Purple.png
Signature (JQD).png

Our continued success will come from stellar execution and the strength of the platform we have worked so hard to build. The tap. network includes highly influential celebrities, executives, and veterans – but also tens of millions of customers who need to learn of our product. The entertainment industry is the most influential and largest independent contractors' network in the world. As such, tap. is slated to become one of the world's largest platforms for independent work. Our product development teams are solving some of the most challenging problems at the intersection of legal contracts, privacy rights, and ID verification to ensure we deliver a highly valued productive platform for the entertainment workforce. 


Building this platform has required a willingness to challenge orthodoxies and reinvent—sometimes even disrupt—ourselves. Over the last quarter, as the needs and preferences of our users have changed, we've changed too. Now with fifty-one people and growing, we're focused on defining our own culture at tap. My goal is to ensure that each person is valued and heard. We're winning right now because our teamwork makes the dream work.

I want to close with my commitment to you: I won't be perfect, but I will always listen to you. Anyone that wants to make tap. home has the incredible opportunity to grow here. There are no bad ideas just awesome recommendations, so never hesitate to get on my calendar. I will ensure that tap. is a safe space where we treat our users and team members with respect, and I will run our business with passion, humility, and integrity.

Keep growing because we are onto something great.  Onward.

For our culture,



Jean-Que M. Dar

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