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Exclusive Film Professionals Invitation

About Us

The Invitation

You have been selected to participate in an exclusive invite-only event alongside elite industry insiders. A select few film professionals in the Los Angeles region will gain access to ARTISTE PRO™, a $2 BILLION technology revolutionizing the global entertainment industry.  FAQ below. 

ARTISTE PRO™ is the only central professional network for everyone in the entertainment industry. People join ARTISTE PRO™ to find vetted entertainment professionals, connect, network, book work, and successfully manage their entire entertainment career.  


Filmmaker Information
100% of your information will remain confidential and will not be shared with the public.  We require the below to properly identify your entertainment career status.  

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Invitation FAQ


ARTISTE PRO™ is a $2 BILLION mobile app and desktop software designed to make the entertainment industry safer, reliable, transparent, and provide access to equal pay for the professional workforce. We seek skilled and veteran filmmakers to provide experienced feedback. ARTISTE PRO™ Features Click below to learn more about the new platform

  1. Media 360 Profile
  2. Art Geo
  3. Access Feed
  4. Artiste Avail
  5. Deal Message Thread
  6. Document Management
  7. Art Pay

What is the patented technology?

ARTISTE PRO™ is media-empowered AI designed with an immutable automation network that tracks the digital rights of the global media and entertainment ecosystem. As such the the patented software utilizes artificial intelligence to advance the career of professionals.

If you're novel or experienced or your production is new, small, or big, ARTISTE PRO™ empowers the global entertainment workforce with a robust suite of productivity tools to fully control and scale any entertainment career in every arts discipline anywhere in the world. Upon launch, it will be free to join.

How is ARTISTE PRO™ revolutionizing the global entertainment workforce?

The entertainment workforce is the largest and most influential in the world, however, it does not have a central place to network. Now more than ever, creatives and executives in the industry are creating content for major streaming platforms "guerrilla style." Guerrilla style refers to a form of independent filmmaking characterized by low budgets, skeleton crews, and simple props using whatever is available. Often scenes are shot quickly in real locations without any warning, and without obtaining filming permits. This is dangerous and sometimes not worth it as streaming platforms will require legal docs to ensure a location or person or prop can be shown on their platform. In addition, according to 2020 Nielson Reliable data ratings, every year an average of 660,323 independant films and over 700,000 episodic films are produced generating an estimated $1.7 TRILLION globally. Over 82% of these projects include an international team member. Meaning, the industry needs an independent central networking platform to advance the production productivity. ARTISTE PRO™ is the aforementioned solution.

Is ARTISTE PRO™ like an entertainment social network?

Yes. ARTISTE PRO™ is LinkedIN, IMDb, Slack / Asana, Deadline.com, Zoom, Whats App, and Google Calendar wrapped up into one robuse platform for the global entertainment industry. However, we are very different from all platforms:

  • Entertainment professionals only
  • All users are vetted and real professionals
  • Background and expereince is 100% verified
  • Never question again whether "X" has really worked with a Industry elite like Martin Scorsese
  • A persons industry network is based on who they have actually worked with
  • Cannot add people to your network

Will my feedback be shared with the public?

No. 100% of your feedback, data, and information will not be shared.

Why was I invited?

ARTISTE PRO™ is led by over 35 shareholders, investors, advisors, and Team members. About 90% of this group is made up of A-List celebrities, veteran entertainment professionals, award winning filmmakers, and top industry executives in marketing, distribution, finance, and legal. You were recommended by a member of this Team to gain inside access and help advance our BETA platform.

Is ARTISTE PRO™ just for filmmakers?

For now, yes. However, after the BETA release ARTISTE PRO™ will be for eveyone within the below entertainment industry verticals. ARTISTE PRO™ connects all entertainment verticals. Our proprietary crossfunctional technology bridges the global industry landscape. Now, a gaming developer or executive can easily get direct access to vetted professionals in film, music, publishing, internent and advertising to launch a new game around the world. Likewise, a novel or veteran film producer can find and connect with global vetted film investors, execs, agents, managers, distribution, attorneys, accountant, crew, talent, and so much more. Industry Verticals 1. Film 2. Television 3. Music 4. Publishing 5. Radio 6. Internet 7. Advertising 8. Gamining ARTISTE PRO™ is launching in Los Angeles within the film vertical. According to Neilsons, about 76% of the work of film professionals in Los Angeles taps into other verticals. For example, to be successful, a film producer requires the assistance of professionals that work in music, publishing, radio, internet, and advertising.

What am I required to do?

Provide feedback. The purpose of the technology is to help advance your entertainment career locally and on the global stage - network, find and book work, and get paid - on a safe, reliable, all-inclusive productivity platform designed to protect your privacy and data. ARTISTE PRO™ will release a series of product developments and request your feedback in four areas:

  1. Use - Technological advanced features design to enhance your entertainment career
  2. UX - Sophistication of the platform design
  3. UI - Simplicity and ease of user navigation expereince
  4. Voice - Brand and messaging aligns with the creativity of the global industry
Time Commitment 5 to 15 minutes every two or three weeks, that's it. We need your honest feedback of what works, what doesn't or how can ARTISTE PRO™ make your life easier. Our goal is to help you scale your professional entertainment career. Questions will be in the form of multiple choice and fill-in answers. Future of Entertainment Productivity The global entertainment industry is connected now more then ever. ARTISTE PRO™ is the place where a vetted American Film Producer in New York, USA can gain direct access and collaborate with a vetted Swedish Screenwiter in Stockholm, Sweden. Our technology enables the Producer and Screenwriter to:
  • Sign legal contracts enforceable both regions
  • Build a solid team locally or globally
  • Vet and hire results driven sales, marketing, accounting, and distribution professionals
  • Make voice and video calls - never give out personal phone numbers again
  • Communicate with team on the app - emails are a thing of the past; all communication properly itemized, organized, and categorized according to production
  • Pay team members
  • Track expenses, sales, and distribution
  • Access to niche specific entertainment financiers and investors
All can be done in one place without ever having to give out your phone number or email. The technological advancements of the platform modernizes dated industry practices. In further releases, ARTISTE PRO™ will translate texts, documents, contracts, voice and message threads automatically into a language of your choice.

Who makes the cut?

ARTISTE PRO™ seeks passionate novel filmmakers and highly expereinced veteran filmmakers to provide feedback on the platform. Afterwards, a select group will be invited to join the company as a Shareholder and Advisor.

May I invite other filmmakers?

Yes. Invite your entire team and other professional filmmakers. ARTISTE PRO™ is designed for entire production teams to work seemlessly on entertainment projects. Other productivity platforms do not cater to the needs of entertainment professionals (i.e slack, asana, google, etc.). Each person must apply separately. Admission is not guaranteed. Let us know of your group and we can keep teams together. hello@artistepro.com

Who is the point of contact?

Sunny Vachher, Senior Advisor sunny@artistepro.com

How will my feedback be used?

ARTISTE PRO™ has an internal data team. The team will use your feedback to make changes and advance the platform.