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VOA Live is a non-profit organization video podcast designed to empower and preserve the Voice of the Artist™.  Our shows are uniquely designed to inform, engage, empower and preserve the importance of each unique voice within the global storytelling industry.  


Films have power.  The artists are the curators of this power.  Each voice matters in establishing the genuine legacy of the story of humanity.  Artists are the orchestrators of this legacy putting to art and film the creative stories of humanity.

Preserving the 

Voice of the Artist™

VOA Live

VOA Live explores the up close critical role of the Voice of the Artist™  and the importance of each unique voice within the global storytelling industry.  


Explore the intricate dynamics that make up all kinds of artists on this personal one-on-one interview.  We invite performing artists from an array of artistic disciplines.  


The continual deliberate dialog to gain an ever better understanding of one's thoughts, feelings and behaviors is the ongoing journey in the life of artists.  We explore how the pros learned to become one with their craft.

Perspective Voices

Diverse ethnic panel conduct film reviews, address latest topics and trends within the film industry around the world. It's important that all perspective voices have a seat at the table.

Film Power Structure

With over 70 independent film markets around the world that must work together and not systemically connected, we explore the power dynamics behind each market and how they work together.

Support Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower and preserve the Voice of the Artist™.  Please support our mission with a monetary donation.  Corporate agencies, influencers, and marketeers are welcome to partner with us.  Thank you.

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