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Voice of the Artist™

Artiste Pro™ proudly presents VOA LIVE, a video podcast where guests discuss all aspects of their entertainment career.

Guests include entertainment professionals of all kind from Oscar- and Emmy-nominated filmmakers, creators, and stars from all over the world to industry executives and academia professionals adding voice and color to the business side of the industry.   Whether in front or behind the camera, all artists possess the power of authority to cause some form of social impact through their craft.  We explore these voices here.



Host & Producer

Heart of the Artist

Come explore and celebrate the beauty of every kind of artistic field. Bree sits down with artists from different industries and gets to the heart of what makes them passionate, their personal and professional trials, and their legacy. Leave feeling inspired with thought-provoking messages of creativity, representation, culture, and expression as well-renowned guests give advice to other artists trying to make it in their respective industries.




Process Purpose & Passion "PPP"

PPP is designed to help entertainment professionals create their own unique blueprint and path forward to pursue their dreams and goals.  We explore their Process which is all about growing through failures, successes, struggles, and triumphs. We examine the Purpose of discovering one's calling and how to move from conception to progress.   Lastly, we take a look at their Passion - translating their vigor to fuel which motivates them throughout their career and journey. 





Guest Host



Guest Host

The W.E.R.K.

Wisdom Education Research and Knowledge, this is the WERK every artist should subscribe too. The show focuses on what is required by our guest to really make it and what sacrifices need to be made.






Guest Host



Guest Host




Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Found.

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