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Preserving & Empowering the


The most impactful way to preserve the Voice of the Artist™ is to place the power of any artist back where it belongs - in their hands. ARTISTE PRO™ proudly presents VOA Live, a video podcast on a mission to restore, preserve and empower the voice of all artists around the world.  Our purpose is to support and protect the diversity of all artists in front and behind the camera of the film and performing arts industry. Too often we forget the arts are not bound by borders. Artists are students of the world and our craft, despite the disciplinary art, is a reflection of humanity as a whole. 


Silence the voice of one artist anywhere, we silence the voice of humanity everywhere.


Founder, Artiste Pro and VOA Live


VOA Live is an ARTISTE PRO™ podcast on a mission to preserve the Voice of the Artist. VOA Live is designed to bring global attention to the diverse community of artists around the world. Designed to be fully transparent, the voice of each episode will include expert guests skilled on topics to impact change.  We discuss achievements, projects, and goals while bringing awareness to issues and challenges. Our hope is to expose these issues as central concerns around the world despite the location of an artist. Through the transparency of each voice, ARTISTE PRO™ aims to be a solution through our global platform as well as start timely important conversations in entertainment communities around the world to initiate the change most desperately desired.  

Presented by ARTISTE PRO™

Our Missio
VOA Team

Meet The Team

TILFA VOA Jean Que M Dar 2.jpg

Jean-Que M. Dar

VOA Founder & Executive Producer

TILFA VOA SunnyVachher.jpg

Sunny Vachher

VOA Executive Producer

ARTISTE PRO Bree Team Photo.jpg

Bree Mignano

VOA Live Host


Producer, Heart of Artist Show 

TILFA VOA Vlad TiPlanch.png

Vlad TiPlanch

VOA Post-Production Manager


John Kellock

VOA Creative Design Manager 

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