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Mexican Trapped In White Man's Body

Episode 1

Arthur Marroquin details identity and cultural issues as a Mexican Hollywood Actor.  Hosted by Guest Host Niles Finklee of Process Purpose & Passion.  

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Creator of Fire Art Form is ONE with his Art

Episode 2

Zachary Aronson is the creator of the Open-Fire Pyrography art form and tells how to become ONE with art. Produced by ONE.  

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Sex & Height Discrimination is a Thing

Episode 3

Kalena Ranoa gives first-hand accounts and experiences as a 6'1 model, actress, and Hollywood director, "Sex and height discrimination is real y'all." Hosted by Guest Host Mehmet Edip of The W.E.R.K.  

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Life Is Like A Box of Flowers

Episode 4

Tobore Oweh teaches life lessons through flowers, “Flowers possess the same traits that God has put in us and if we really pay attention flowers teach us how we should be as humans.” Hosted by Producer Bree Mignano of Heart of the Artist.  

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Kingdom: You Are Good Enough

Episode 5

From being Disney's Tarzan to a rising pop icon, Scott Mulligan details his successful climb in entertainment. "Kingdom is listening to your intuition, it means you are good enough." Hosted by Guest Host Kaden James of Process Purpose & Passion.  


Discipline is the Mother of Success

Episode 6

Hollywood celebrity Actor, Producer, and Writer Deric Augustine teach us how to successfully scale in entertainment. "At the lowest point in my life, I learned about the art of discipline."  Hosted by Producer Bree Mignano of Heart of the Artist.  

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