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The Creative Journey of Artists

Every artist has a process.  Scientists have proven that the human brain is not hard-wired to understand logic or retain facts for very long. "Our brains are wired to understand and retain stories,” says John Hopkins Researcher Jermey Pitman. “A story is a journey that moves the listener, and when the listener goes on that journey they feel different and the result is persuasion and sometimes action.”  This is what artists strive to do.


Using the words conjured from within the soul and the imagery perpetuated with the use of body parts, artists inspire people to be inspired, to act, to click, to call, to buy, to give, to support - to live. On this podcast, unique trendsetting artists detail their journey of becoming ONE with their art.

World's First Blow Torch Artist

VOA Episode 2

Guest: Zachary Aronson, Creator of Open-Fire Pyrography

"Making art has been an impulse and necessity my entire life.  I’ve always been creating, this happens to be my current and most intriguing medium.  When I stumbled upon using fire medium it became a new way of achieving the craft I was already developing. As I continued to push the ways to use fire as a drafting material, it became an entirely new art form.  Open-flame pyrography has become my specialty and fascination as I have developed the medium it over the last 10 years."

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