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The W.E.R.K.

Work Education Research Knowledge

The WERK is a show which focuses on what is required by our guest to really make it and what sacrifices need to be made. So join us as we have plenty of laughs and maybe some tears, along the way, where we take you on an informational journey, touching on all the hottest trending topics in world entertainment. Each interview will be thought-provoking and insightful, where guests will detail their own WERK journey and provide golden advice on how it can also WERK for you 

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Sex & Height Discrimination is a Thing in Hollywood

VOA Episode 3

Guest: Kalena Ranoa, Director, Actress, Model & Super sHero

Ding! Ding! Ding! Coming in at 6’1 spiking volleyballs and throwing 3 pointers from center court (literally) is a superSHERO Kalena Ranoa, the gorgeous multitalented artist from San Jose, CA.  Kalena is the epitome of The WERK.  She is a storyteller, producer, director, writer, actress, and the list goes on.  She’s even a volunteer for the Young Storytellers. How and where does she find the time?   Kalena is so busy that it never dawned on her that she did not fit the “hollywood mold.”  You know, 5’4 blonde bombshell. But that did not stop this 6’1 beauty from auditioning for the Disney Princess.  As a superSHERO, Kalena teaches us how to do the WERK on your terms.  In her hilarious new series GIRAFFES, Kalena sends us on a comedic provocative love triangle where three “giraffes” (tall girls) seduce a very someone special who is disclosed on the show.  

In this episode of The W.E.R.K., we learn:

  •  What to do  if you don't fit the Hollywood mold? Its actually expected now!

  • The Disney Princess desire has totally "beautifully brainwashed” us. Kalena tells us how to break away and do The WERK!•    Male or Female, height discrimination is a thing! Kalena teaches us that no excuse to not do The WERK.

  • Kalena has also directed 2 episodes of razor tongue, a ground breaking show created by award winning filmmaker Rain Valdéz, who is an out and proud transgender woman #TransLivesMatter

  • The WERK is not just about you.  Its about what you can bring to the table like Tongue who employs 80% queer, trans, female, and POC in front of and behind the camera.

  • Kalena teaches us how to be proud, tall, and strong!

  • She is a superSHERO where her WERK is evidence of her success!

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