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Empowering the Entertainment
Workforce with Seamless Technical Solutions
Backed by Amazon and IMDb

Our Company

tap. is on a mission to connect everyone in entertainment, built by industry veterans and backed by Amazon and IMDb.  Collectively, tap. is managed by a team with over 100 years of experience working with some of the greatest entertainment companies.

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In 2019, tap. was established in Los Angeles, California by a group of entertainment creatives, studio execs, and attorneys.  The Company was formed after two years of market testing through a prototype variation backed by a U.S. software patent. 

Throughout its market research tap. continued to expand its range of products for the entertainment workforce.  

tap. is designed to find everyone in entertainment - Film financiers, studio execs, producers, directors, screenwriters, creatives, crew, post-production, accountants, film distribution, and much more. 

In Spring of 2023, tap. was officially released to the public and is now available for download in the App Store and on Google Play.

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connects everyone in entertainment
tap. connects the professional entertainment workforce through our advanced patented software technology. tap. provides each user with a robust suite of business solutions designed with a heightened creative experience to do more, save time, and make money while managing their entertainment career.

tap. services every sector of the M&E industry, enabling the multiple segments to network across the industry verticals: Film Production, Television, Music, Publishing, Radio, Internet, Advertising, and Gaming.  The industry vertical is unique since these sub-verticals compete, complement, and combine to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for entertainment and information globally.  Seamlessly, tap. connects everyone in one place to be seen, heard, and found.

The revolutionary
tap.  experience includes cutting-edge innovative software tools. The platform verifies each person, production, and work experience via our authenticated Media 360 Profile, which includes a 360-degree view of each person in entertainment and the ability to schedule, book, create, sign a deal, and pay others.  Despite the art form or size of the industry, tap.
 is a powerful online network designed for entertainment professionals to connect and get work done in one place.  

Core Values

People first. Always. 

Trust is the cornerstone of our culture. As the pioneer in connecting the entertainment workforce, we are aware of the responsibility we have.  Establishing trust in our community is essential and demonstrated by setting clear expectations, keeping promises, and staying true to our mission. We empower the workforce with the tools they need to be safe and succeed. We do not share data with third-party entities and ensure the privacy of each user.



We promote open and honest communication at all levels. Our Leadership team is guided by an elite entertainment Advisory Board  comprised of award winning veteran executives and creatives from each job sector in the industry. Board members review each feature to ensure transparency remains at the core of each product development and release.


There is an established expectation that all employees are responsible for their actions, behaviors, performance, and decisions. We're held accountable to the users and each other. We prioritize and display prompt attention to matters that effect







Progressive Perspective








Open Communication


Work-Life Balance

Aligned Key Results




Promise Keeping

Ethics Res

Pride & Reliability

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