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Our People share the vision and values of the worldwide entertainment community.

We're driven by the wild idea that the most influential workforce in the world deserves a place to connect, network, and get work done faster, safer, and easier.  Our best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship, and fun. A lot of smiling, happy faces who work hard to empower the largest workforce in the world - entertainment contractors.

Founder + CEO

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We are a strong team of 51 passionate people determined to make our mark in entertainment. We've outgrown individual performance and become a powerful steadfast community of entertainment-tech professionals.


Excellence is the byproduct of our combined efforts, and we've only just begun.

Click team name for bio.

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Division Heads

TILFA VOA SunnyVachher.jpg

Sunny Vachher

tap. Head of Partnerships

TED Talks, Executive Producer

United Nations Ambassador

Headshot - Mimosa Lam-My.jpg

Mimosa Lam-My

tap. Head of Data

DragonFire, Vice President

Lloyd .jpg

Lloyd Simon

tap. Legal Advisor

MTV, CoFounder & Attorney

AMC, CoFounder & Attorney 

Maitreya Yasuda

Maitreya Yasuda

tap. Head of Pilot Program

Lionsgate, Vice-President

Solstice, Head of Business

Clark A Thompson.JPG

Clark Thompson

tap. Technical Advisor

Accenture, Global Tech Lead

SignKeys, Chief Info Officer

Mahala Dar Headshot.jpg

Mahala Vixamar

tap. Privacy


Team Success




2023-04-27 G. Skekloff Professional Photo.JPG

Grace Skekloff

Senior Communications Mgr

2023-04-07 S. Blaakman Professional Photo .jpg

Savannah Blaakman

Public Relations Assistant 

2023-04-10 J. Bustamante Professional Photo.jpg

Justin Bustamante

Communications Manager

2022-12-02 B. Ashley Professional Photo .jpg

Beka Ashley

Senior Communications Editor

2022-12-13 L. Perrin Professional Photo.jpg

Les Perrin

Brand Marketing Assistant

2023-01-24 M. Rahimi Professional Photo.JPG

Meryem Rahimi

Content Creative Designer

2022-12-01 A. Taff Professional Photo.jpg

Alex Taff

Creative Advertising Assistant 

2023-03-24 E. Paskal Professional Photo.jpg

Ethan Paskal

Content Creative Designer

2023-01-11 J. de Jesus Professional Photo.jpeg

Janelle de Jesus

Marketing Coordinator Assist.

2023-01-13 J. Diaz Professional Photo.jpeg

Jessel Diaz

Growth Marketing Assistant

Research Interns

2022-05-27 Aaron Ball Professional Photo.jpg


tap.  Casting Director

Research Assistant

2022-06-22 Adan Ramierz Professional Photo.jpg


tap.  Cinematography

Research Assistant

2022-06-30 Alaina Sincich Professional Photo.jpg


tap.  Assistant Director

Research Assistant

2022-05-23 Asmaa Chemkhi Professional Photo.jpg


tap.  Screenwriter

Research Assistant

2022-05-11 Benjamin Roche Professional Photo.jpeg


tap.  Composer

Research Assistant

2022-07-07 EXECUTED Devin Roberts Professional Photo.jpg


tap.  Screenwriter

Research Assistant

2022 Head Logo Purple Circle.png


tap.  Director

Research Assistant

2022-06-22 Kanchana Vemulapati Professional Photo.jpg


tap.  Talent

Research Assistant

2022-07-07 Shuyan Professional Photo.jpg


tap.  Executive Producer

Research Assistant

Entertainment Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up on 35 highly influential entertainment Studio executives, production company founders', and celebrities that have met the minimum the appointment requirements. Requirements include a minimum of 10 years of experience having been nominated or received an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG Award, Spirit Award, BAFTA, or an equivalent award in the film industry.  

Appointees are Equity Shareholder participants and advise the Company on the direction and status of the software to advance their role in the industry.  The Advisory Board are prominent figure heads and veterans having produced content at the below studios.

tap Studio Execs.png
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