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Advisory Board

tap. is built by visionary Fortune 100 media executives and noteworthy award-winning creatives. We take advancing the lives of the global entertainment workforce seriously. 

Built by Entertainment Veterans

TILFA VOA SunnyVachher.jpg

Senior Advisor & Head of Partnerships

United Nations Ambassador

Founder, Hollywood Casting & Film

2021 Top 100 US Business Leaders in Entertainment

Advisory Board Chair, The Sentinel by Dweebs Global

UNited Nations.png

The tap. Advisory Board is the engine and secret sauce of our Company. 


Advisors counsel tap. on methods to improve its software development systems. Advisors add insurmountable value to supply the workforce with the tools they need to get work done smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Thereby creating incremental value for the entertainment ecosystem resulting in revenue growth. The math is simple - equip the workforce of 107+ million with the right life-empowering and business productivity tools, and the return on investment will grow -- even if the % profit margin remains the same, revenue growth causes cash flow to increase overall, increasing the value of productions, companies, and entertainment products.

tap. revolutionizes how entertainment execs and creatives connect, network, and produce domestic and intercontinental content. As the first of its kind, the patented software is designed to solve a series of production productivity issues impeding the development and creative process.  tap. is the future of work in entertainment, becoming the changemaker and driving force in bridging broken systems. Each Advisor guides us in building this bridge.  

Relationships Matter

Within the last 139 years, the entertainment industry has been built on relationships. tap.'s cutting-edge technology enhances outdated networking methods by validating people and work experiences, making it safe and easy to connect and get work done. The first-rate software is making its mark as an industry-standard production-productivity solution for industry professionals.

tap. prides itself in seeking the advice of industry experts while cultivating partnerships with longstanding industry trade associations and organizations. By working together, we are building a more vibrant and sustainable creative community while creating meaningful and impactful art that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Sunny Vachher

tap. Investor, Senior Advisor, & Head of Partnerships

35 Equity Advisors

Advisory members consult on software features while in development, ensuring the overall software address the needs of each job sector in entertainment. Most importantly, Advisors hold the Leadership Team accountable to the Company's mission to Connect with everyone in entertainment.

Advisory Board members have a minimum of ten years of experience in their field, having been nominated or received a prestigious industry award for their work, or their work has been nominated or received an award. Advisors' award affiliation, either via nomination or recipient, is indicated below. Appointed members are equity shareholders.

Important Note: 30% of the Advisory Board has invested capital in the tap. vision. Advisors receive the same equity appointment despite investor status. It's a powerful testament to be advised and receive financial support from leading industry veterans to fulfill the Company's mission.

Senior Advisors

TILFA VOA SunnyVachher.jpg

Sunny Vachher *Investor

tap. Head of Partnerships

TED Talks, Executive Producer

United Nations Ambassador

Clark A Thompson.JPG

Clark Thompson *Investor

tap. Technical Advisor

Accenture, Global Tech Lead

SignKeys, Chief Info Officer

Mahala Dar Headshot.jpg

Mahala Vixamar *Investor

tap. Head of Privacy

US Gov Chief Officer Attorney, FOIA

Lloyd .jpg

Lloyd Simon *Investor

tap. Legal Advisor

MTV, CoFounder & Attorney

AMC, CoFounder & Attorney 

Headshot - Mimosa Lam-My.jpg

Mimosa Lam-My

tap. Head of Data

DragonFire, Vice President

Alfred Mordecai Senior Advisor.jpeg

Alfred Mordecai *Investor

tap. Finance Advisor

Vice Chairman & Co-CEO of Fund

Mutual Fund Portfolio Manager 

Maitreya Yasuda

Maitreya Yasuda

tap. Head of Pilot Program

Lionsgate, Vice-President

Solstice, Head of Business

Film Finance Advisors

Golden Globe_edited.png
Golden Globe_edited.png

Producer Advisors

Emmy Award .png
Peabody Award_edited.png
Emmy Award .png
BAFTA Award_edited.png

Screenwriter Advisors

Warner Brothers Logo.png

Director Advisors

BAFTA Award_edited.png
Warner Brothers Logo.png

Agent & Manager Advisors

Casting Director Advisors

Image by Thibault Penin
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