The Journey to Become An
With over 15 million artists worldwide, the journey of becoming a professional artist is unlike any other experience within the entertainment industry despite the art field.  82% of celebrity artists do not have a formal arts education.  The ARTISTE PRO Institute was designed to provide artists the network abd business tools to become a professional artist, an artiste.   
Our mission: Preserve & Empower
We created The ARTISTE PRO Experience to preserve and empower the Voice of the Artist. Our aim is to educate and inspire the next generation of entertainment professionals.  
In today's emerging transparency culture, creatives are creating content without agents, managers, studios, or representation.  Mostly, creatives suffer from the severe lack of deal transparency and lack the business acumen to protect their rights and properly network with other professionals in the industry.  We created the Artiste Pro Experience so that creatives can focus on what matters most rather than deal with unfair labor practices, improper deal structures, lack of equity transparency, and other roadblocks that hinder the creative process.


Whether you’re making a film, mixing sound for a sporting event, creating music, or designing the next-generation gaming experience, the ARTISTE PRO Experience is here to support you.  Regardless of your craft, if you’re a content creator, entertainment exec or professional, our robust suite of tools will help you succeed.

VOA Live
Video Podcast Series
The most impactful way to preserve the Voice of the Artist™ is to place the power of any artist back where it belongs, in their hands.  The ARTISTE PRO Experience proudly presents VOA Live, a video podcast on a mission to restore, preserve, and empower the voice of all artists around the world.