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PPP is designed to help entertainment professionals create their own unique blueprint and path forward to pursue their dreams and goals.  We explore their Process which is all about growing through failures, successes, struggles, and triumphs. We examine the Purpose of discovering one's calling and how to move from conception to progress.   Lastly, we take a look at their Passion - translating their vigor to fuel which motivates them throughout their career and journey. 

Mexican Hollywood Actor Trapped in White Man's Body 

VOA Episode 1

Guest: Arthur Bryan Marroquin, Actor & Photographer

Identity and culture play a pivotal role in the entertainment world. Networks such as Netflix, Starz, Disney, and HBO put millions of dollars towards the packaging and marketing of projects to specific demographics. Within the last hundred years, the lack of diversity on screen was apparent, whereas increase diversity and representation now there is more diverse content. Mexican native, Arthur Marroquin discusses how his Caucasian appearance impacts his experience in Hollywood. "My culture means a lot to me, and I sometimes forget about it because I'm so far away from it," says Arthur. He discusses how it's vital to combat stereotyping while also educating others about race and heritage. Throughout, Arthur provides us with insight regarding the Process behind maintaining authenticity and remaining true to your Purpose while allowing your Passion for fuel. Arthur's Process, Purpose, and Passion will continue to serve him as he continues his journey against the stereotypes. 

In this episode of Process, Purpose, and Passion, we learn:


  • Culture and upbringing are vital when it comes to how you perceive and view the world and surroundings.

  • How to push back against stereotypes and educate others about race and ethnicity. 

  • Why it's essential to be your authentic self and not compromise for a role or opportunity. 

  • You don't have to sell out to progress in your given field. 

  • Your identity and uniqueness make you stand out. You don't have to answer to the restrictions that others place upon you. 

  • Training and developing your skills as an Artist are essential when it comes to growing and prospering within the industry. 

  • Please don't be ashamed of your culture; embrace it, honor it. It's a part of your identity, and it's what makes you unique. 

  • Arthur approaches the Arts with integrity, especially when it pertains to his heritage. 

KINGDOM: You Are Good Enough

VOA Episode 5

Guest: Scott Mulligan, Actor & Recoding Artist

KINGDOM is the latest hit pop album by Scott Mulligan @imscottmulligan , a sensational recording artist with a unique soulful-rock sound that you simply cannot turn off.

Watch and listen how the once @disney Tarzan has become a rising pop icon. Interviewed by life coach Kaden James @kaden Scott details the intricate meaning behind his latest smash EP. "Kingdom is listening to your intuition, it's accepting yourself, it's following your passion, it's celebrating the best of who you are - Kingdom means you are good enough, accept it." Powerful words by a powerful artist.

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